A Hassle-free Process

At The Clean Copy, we offer an all-in-one editing service. Regardless of the size or state of the manuscript, we will work with you to make your document publication-ready. Here is the process in five easy steps.

Step 1

Send a copy of the document to us at editors@thecleancopy.com.

Step 2

We will respond within 48 hours with a sample edit (about 600 words). Review the sample edit and give us feedback. On your confirmation, we will start editing the document.

Step 3

Sit back and relax while we edit the document.

Step 4

We return the document to you for review. If you would like a second round of edits, you can return the document to us after having made your changes.

Step 5

After a final round of proofreading, we return the clean copy to you with all changes accepted and comments deleted.

Get in Touch to Get Started

Alternatively, email us directly at editors@thecleancopy.com or chitra@thecleancopy.com.