Who We Are

Chitralekha Manohar

Chitralekha Manohar has been leading and managing The Clean Copy since 2016. She specialises in editing texts on anthropology, economics, energy, policy research, and development studies. She is an Advanced Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP). With The Clean Copy, she hopes to bring together a group of editors who genuinely enjoy working closely with authors to improve text. You can contact her directly at chitra@thecleancopy.com.

Dayita Nereyeth

Dayita is an editor and dancer based in Bangalore, India. She has a BA in Psychology and Dance from Mount Holyoke College (USA). Dayita has worked for The Clean Copy since 2017 as editor, and since 2019 as senior editor. As of 2022, she is an Advanced Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), UK. Dayita enjoys editing manuscripts in the social sciences, humanities, and arts. She is passionate about making text clear, direct, and accessible. Apart from editing and reviewing others' work, Dayita also leads writing and editorial workshops for editors and researchers. She can often be found with a tall glass of kombucha that functions as moral support through complex papers.

Ryan Anthony

Ryan's academic background is rooted in Literature and Philosophy. He enjoys working on the more theoretical work that TCC receives. He is committed to making academic research accessible. When not working, Ryan can be found listening to heavy metal, illustrating, or lost in a game of Dungeons and Dragons.

Anishaa Tavag

Anishaa Tavag has been an editor at The Clean Copy since 2017. She sees copyediting as a chance to engage in dialogue with research across the humanities and social sciences. Based in Bangalore, Anishaa also works as a dancer and writer and is currently a teacher trainee of the Alexander Technique. She studied English at Christ University, Bangalore, and went on to do an MA in Arts and Aesthetics at JNU, New Delhi.

Nishtha Singh

Nishtha Singh is an editor, writer and researcher. She is an Economics and Philosophy graduate from Hansraj College, University of Delhi. Before training as an editor at the Seagull School of Publishing, Calcutta, she was a research scholar at the Department of Philosophy, University of Delhi, India. Her academic interests include philosophy of language, development ethics, and the impact of technology upon human life. Her professional experience spans the fields of art, architecture, broadcasting, ethics, and artificial intelligence.

Diksha Devara

Enamoured by the concept of language all her life, Diksha Devara finds great satisfaction in spending most of her days reading, writing, and editing. Despite having dropped out of college two times in the pursuit of environmental and wildlife conservation, she seeks contentment in the practice of self-improvement, introspection, and upskilling, which she insists she has only been able to explore during the pandemic. She believes that learning on the job is the most fulfilling and rewarding part of the process, and finds that working with language tends to perpetually teach her new things about herself or the world around her

Join Our Team

Interested in joining our team of editors? Write to Dayita at dayita@thecleancopy.com.