How We Can Help You

At The Clean Copy, we work with a range of clients, from individuals to corporates. Here is how we can help you ease your publication process.

Research Organisations

We work closely with research organisations to not only improve the quality of their publications, but also to reduce their time to publication. A dedicated and hyper-flexible team, we work closely with researchers to fine-tune the style guide, engage in larger conversations about how to reach the target audience, and provide feedback and suggestions to help improve researchers’ writing. With an in-house copy-editing + proofreading process, we can promise that the percentage of errors will be the lowest in the industry. We can turn around projects during traditional business downtimes, such as weekends and holiday seasons, to ensure that your publication schedule runs as smoothly as possible.

Council on Energy, Environment, and Water

“I have found the team at Clean Copy to be responsive, timely, and very professional in our engagements over the year. They are always keen to do better, that’s a great attitude to have in all collaboratives. May their tribe increase!” 

QuickSand Design Studio

“We are a human-centered design firm and recently finished four booklets for a project on mental health research in India, for which we sought copy editing and review help from The Clean Copy. We were very happy with the detail of their copy editing (including footnotes and larger content suggestions), and their comments pertaining to how we can change our content and structure really helped us get a fresh perspective on how our reports will be received. Additionally, their timely work was a big benefit to us; we had sent them the report (about 30-40k words) during the Christmas/New year holiday span, and they still did not fail to deliver on time.” 


The Clean Copy can integrate with the workflows of publishers to ensure that the document is edited how, where, and when they want it. Our team of editors are comfortable working across multiple style guides and can ensure consistency across edited volumes and similar large projects. We are particularly skilled in asking “big picture” questions to ensure that any major lapses in the manuscript are addressed before publication. A flexible team, we are well suited to handle overflow work.

Editor, Acquisitions (Global Editions), Pearson

“The Clean Copy provides copyediting services that I rely on. They turn projects around on time, communicate status updates promptly, and ask intelligent questions when editing manuscripts. In short, I can’t recommend them enough. Hire them and be pleasantly surprised.”

Students and Independent Researchers

At The Clean Copy, we are particularly passionate about supporting research from early-career researchers and researchers from the developing world. Committed to ensuring that the researcher’s ideas are expressed clearly and precisely, we work closely with authors to achieve their publication goals. Each author has a unique voice, and we can provide a range of services that are tailor-made to suit your goals.

PhD student from Heidelberg University

“I am an anthropologist and recently I finished my dissertation project on contemporary art. Because English is not my mother language, I was looking for an editor who would offer me a professional English editing. I searched for somebody who would support me with a confident and productive but also expeditiously processing of editing to enable me improving my work on high academic standard. Chitra Manohar met all my expectations and we shared some months of intense and supportive exchange for which I am very grateful. In this regard, it is with great pleasure to recommend Chitra Manohar as a professional editor for those who need a reliable support for their academic writing projects.”

PhD student from University of Neuchâtel

“I worked with Chitralekha Manohar for the editing and proofreading of my PhD dissertation in anthropology – in the field of migration and political ecology – for which she provided a great help and did an outstanding job. The work was very challenging because it needed to be accomplished within a tight schedule so as to meet the submission deadline. Being no native speaker, I greatly appreciated Chitralekha’s capacity to edit my English so as to meet academic standards while maintaining the meaning clear and improving the overall clarity of the text. The collaboration was very fruitful and I am very thankful for Chitralekha’s rigorous work. I therefore warmly recommend her.”