We make text clear, compelling, and error-free.

We correct grammar, rephrase unclear sentences, check citations, and strengthen the structure of the manuscript so that you can reach your publication goals.

We try to make your writing perfect.

We use software tools and undertake multiple checks in-house to make sure your paper is squeaky clean. From restructuring to citation formatting, we will do what it takes to make your work publication-ready.

We are invested in your success.

We help authors from around the world meet their publication goals. We are well-versed in the APA, MLA, CMS, AAA, and Vancouver styles and have vast experience working with ESL/EFL/multilingual authors. We can help you get published in the journal of your dreams.

Email us at editors@thecleancopy.com to get started

What We Offer

Commitment to Quality
Manuscripts go through several rounds of editing in-house—first edit, review, queries, and finalisation. 
Complete Control

All edits are done using the Track Changes option on MS Word, so you have complete control over your text. 

Personalised Services

Need only your citations checked? Want advice on how to improve your writing? Shoot us an email.

Free Sample

Still undecided? Write to us to get a free sample edit (< 600 words) in 24 hours.

Free Stylesheet

Along with the edited document, we will send you a stylesheet of all the decisions we made while editing.


We will not share your documents with anyone outside our organisation.