We believe that good editing can help authors communicate ideas faster and more accurately.

At The Clean Copy, we are committed to making every document clear, compelling, and error-free. We fix typos, identify gaps in the argument, make suggestions about phrasing, check citations, and correct grammar. We make text more effective and reduce time to publication. Email us at editors@thecleancopy.com to get started.

Commitment to Quality
Manuscripts go through several rounds of editing in-house—first edit, review, queries, and finalisation. 
Complete Control

All edits are done using the Track Changes option on MS Word, so you have complete control over your text. 

Personalised Services

Need only your citations checked? Want advice on how to improve your writing? Shoot us an email.

Free Sample

Still undecided? Write to us to get a free sample edit (< 600 words) in 24 hours.

Free Stylesheet

Along with the edited document, we will send you a stylesheet of all the decisions we made while editing.


We will not share your documents with anyone outside our organisation.

Email us at editors@thecleancopy.com to get started.

Our Clients

Our clients include organisations, publications, and academics from across the world.